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Regarding packaging bag customization, you need to know these 6 points!

Regarding packaging bag customization, you need to know these 6 points!

1. Color difference
Different batches of products will have a certain degree of color difference. Color differences will occur during the printing process due to the color difference of the display screen, product material, ink and other printing processes. It is recommended that customers who want to customize packaging bags provide actual color samples or Pantone color numbers. The workshop will manually adjust the color according to the samples and color numbers to reduce color differences and allow for a small amount of color differences.

2. Thickness
The thickness is calculated in microns, and it is difficult to distinguish the difference in feel. Therefore, it is not recommended for customers to order with requirements such as "almost, roughly, and usable". You can tell us the purpose of the packaging, and we will give a suitable thickness according to the purpose, or provide the actual measured thickness, it can be slightly larger, but not too small, otherwise the product may not be suitable.

3. Delivery time
The first time you customize a packaging bag, the plate making takes 4-6 days, and complex graphics will take longer. Order quantity will also affect delivery time. Generally lead time is around 15-28 days. If no plate making, the delivery time will be shorter.

4. Plate cost
The plate fee is determined based on the color numbers of the printing. The corresponding plate making fee will be charged when the first order is placed. If major changes are required in the future, the plate will need to be re-made.

5. Quantity
There will be a certain difference between the quantity of finished bags and the order quantity, generally within ±10%, because losses will occur during printing, lamination and other production processes. Taking into account these losses, we will increase the amount of materials to minimize the difference.

6. Price
Pricing is based on your product materials, design drafts and processes. For different specifications and materials, the production costs are also different, so the price varies. Please consult the business manager for details.

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