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What is chasing color printing and how to reduce color disputes?

What is chasing color printing and how to reduce color disputes?

The so-called chasing color printing is a formal color correction printing service based on a certain standard color. Before color chasing, customers often provide a color reference system. Commonly used color cards (national standard CMYK color value or Pantone C card color number) and physical samples of bags, boxes, bottles, etc., but not including screen display color samples of the design draft on mobile phone or computer.

Color chasing service is one of the most difficult and most resource-consuming tasks in printing. It is also one of the standards that tests the comprehensive quality and ability of the customer service and printing professionals.

To establish a foundation for communication, understand these three points:

1. The color rendering of the same document printed on different material media varies greatly.
2. Differences in batches and printing conditions (humidity, speed, temperature, pressure, etc.) contribute to color variations.
3. Even if printing plates are the same, different printing machines and inks will yield different color results.

However, other factors may also contribute to color inconsistencies.

Note: The color of the product will change before and after laminating, especially when using VMPET aluminized film and AL pure aluminum foil.

Remote sample viewing is often provided to customers by taking pictures with mobile phones to confirm the color effects. However, due to reflections and light effects from different angles, serious color deviations may occur. It is recommended to add a video as a supplement to remote sample viewing.

Actually, not all products require time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive chasing color printing. About 80% of new products can meet actual usage requirements under normal machine parameters. Chasing color printing is only recommended for brands with strict color requirements or original print reprint projects.

To reduce color disputes, follow these guidelines:

1. Include the reference standard for color chasing in the contract and make sure both parties fully communicate and agree on the standard. For example, 1) Chasing colors according to physical samples; 2) Chasing colors according to chromatographic color cards; 3) Chasing colors according to printing samples, etc.

2. Clarify the possible hue deviation value of chasing color printing. Due to the different degrees of difficulty of color tracing, there may be a certain range of color difference between the actual finished product and the color tracing sample. Customer service staff must display this deviation value through professional cases before signing the contract. The customer must specify the range of acceptable deviations.

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